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A bit of history

Composition is above all a story of passion, desire to share and the craze for beautiful objects.

Composition is an Event Decorator in Luxembourg since 1999. We are specialized in the staging and decoration of events, scenography and seasonal decoration such as Christmas for professional and private clients. With its team of specialists and thanks to its floral workshop and carpentry, Composition creates, transforms, enhances and harmonizes all types of spaces for all occasions. These are our daily challenges! Whatever your project, we always work with attention to details and according to pragmatic and efficient logistics.

"We love colors, materials, textures, objects, fragrances. We love flowers... and transmit this love to others. With us, nature can take for you, at home, as elsewhere, the look of haute couture, but it can also appear of extraordinary simplicity. Never short of imagination, attentive to the smallest detail and to your most ambitious wishes, we seek to create with you the harmony, the atmosphere, the ambiance that will seduce your guests...".

Martine Moulaert founder of the company Composition

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