Christmas at Home

A Christmas decoration in your home personalized by professionals without having to go anywhere!

A Christmas decoration in your home personalized by professionals without having to go anywhere!

Lacking inspiration and time? You wish to avoid travelling? You can entrust your decoration to a professional with a turnkey solution. From the choice of the tree and its decoration in harmony with your interior, to the complete decoration of your reception areas, to the floral decoration of your table that you can keep for all your festive dinners, we will help you find the solution.

All it takes is an exchange of photos, possibly a meeting at your home, in our showroom or virtually, to discover your interior, to exchange and listen to your desires. We will then send you a documented offer of photos to help you visualize your project. When the project is confirmed, we will set a date for the installation of your Christmas decoration in compliance with all health regulations.

If you love to decorate your interior and want to install the decorations yourself, it's possible! We will prepare the decorations for you and then it's up to you.

The added value
It's simple, by taking advantage of our professional decoration service, you will be able to :

- Choose to buy or rent your decoration without having to store countless boxes at home.

- Take advantage of the diversity and quality of unique products not found in stores. Composition, it's a stock of more than 30 000 Christmas ornaments!

- Modify your decoration every year by following the latest trends

- Save time for the purchase, the installation and the arrangement of the decoration

A solution that is all the more secure since you will no longer need to go to overcrowded stores yourself.

Don't forget to book, we have a whole year to plan but only 30 days to install!

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Find out here a living room at Christmas...

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Our Christmas Tree Packages

We offer 3 different packages. According to your desires and your interior, each package is fully customizable. We will choose together the colors and styles of ornaments you want. We offer natural  trees produced in Luxembourg and high quality artificial trees for rent or for sale.

The Classic
Based on a tree of 2,5m : 120 baubles


The Premium
Based on a tree of 2,5m : 200 baubles and ribbons


The Amercian
Based on a tree of 2,5m : 200 baubles, ribbons and ornaments


The Garlands of Light

For each order, one classic LED light string light is included. We also offer new connected LED lights: customizable light, color and effect to be managed directly with your smartphone or tablet.

Other Decorations

In addition to your tree, we can decorate the other elements of your residence. Your Christmas table, your banisters, your sideboards, your fireplace...

COVID-19 policy

In order to ensure that this Christmas season takes place in the best possible conditions and that we can intervene in your home, each Composition employee takes the necessary measures to prevent the spread of the virus.
These measures are :
- The whole team is "Covid aware" - training has been given and they must respect all government restrictions.
- All the team will be provided with masks, gloves and hydroalcoholic gel during their interventions.
- We continue to maintain a social distancing of 2m in all our interactions.
- Upon request, PCR tests can be performed prior to interventions.